Aborigurinal Loo for native Australians

Fish flying over high mountains

Accordianatic Fan of the squeeze box (see Concertinut)
Alligotato Eighteen foot long vegetable with scaly skin and long tale (see Chippodile)
Altituna Fish at a great height
Amphithearache Hearing problem in an open air arena
Annihileighbour To blow up the people next door
Antiquarium1 Very old fish tank
Antirrhinefield Area of exploding flowers
Apostroughly Punctuation that's about right
Apparishioner Someone who seems to go to church but doesn't
Appendisightseeing A pain in your guts from looking at local views
Aptitupid A talent for doing daft things
Aqualungeejump Going underwater on the end of a piece of elastic
Archbishap Small mistake made by a senior clergyman
Archbishoo Senior clergyman with a cold (see Expedishoo)
Armapillow Animal with a soft shell
Artichopelessness Despair arising from eating too many vegetables
Ashtravy Brown liquid with fag ends in it
Asparagusto Enthusiasm for a vegetable
Aspidishwasher Potted plant that grows in the sink
Aspidisticuffs Punch up over who has the potted plant
Automobilicious A tasty car