Balloodling Idly drawing on an inflated decoration

Man and banana shouting angrily at each other

Balthasarmageddon End of the world for one of the wise men
Bananimosity Anger directed at a yellow fruit
Bedspreadicure Having your toes done on top of the duvet
Bibaldry Rude bits in the Good Book
Binocumarmalade Seeing two jars of breakfast spread
Biryomit The result of 6 pints of lager and an Indian meal. (See Volcanus)
Bitumelody Song about road surfaces
Blackberrigrination Walking around looking for soft fruits
Blunderbustard Device for shooting trifle topping. (See Mucustard)
Boughticulture Stuff you get from the garden centre
Breakfasti Spumante Sparkling wine on your cornflakes (may cause Binocularmalade)
Brolliflower Vegetable with its own protection against the rain
Bullfinsulation Something needed by the Combustibullfinch