Camembaerofoil Lump of cheese on the back of your car

Chicken being fired by a catapault

Candlearboretum Lighting bracket with lots of branches
Caribooze Alcohol for a moose
Catapoultry Device for launching chickens across the farmyard
Catermeringue Sweet cake with two hulls
Caterpilliterate Young butterfly that can't read
Caterpillock Stupid young butterfly
Chippodile An eighteen-foot long animal with scaly skin and a long tail which tastes nice with salt and vinegar (see Alligatato)
Chocroach Sweetmeat with an insect inside
Chiromandwich Divination by watching the way people eat bread-based snacks
Chiromankypanky Using your palm for something other than fortune telling
Cognackack Brandy-flavoured anti-aircraft fire
Combustibullfinch A garden bird liable to burst into flames
Concertinut Fan of a different type of squeeze box (see Accordianatic)
Constabath What a low-ranking policeman washes in
Contradictionary Book which tells you the meaning of words. (No it doesn't)
Courgettison To throw a small cucumber overboard/td>
Customerder Killing someone who enters your shop