Paleontausage Study of fossilized meat products

An entrance to an underwater grotto with a sign saying 'Bar'

Pastramiandnavystores Where you buy government surplus spiced beef
Pelicanger Large-billed bird in a rage
Pendulumberjack Someone who swings from tree to tree, and cuts them down
Perpendiculous Standing upright and looking stupid
Perplexicology The study of puzzling or worrying words. Alternatively, the study of non-existent words by people who should be worried about themselves
Phlegmarald A particularly vile shade of green
Pienocerous Meat product with a very hard crust
Platyput-U-up A spare bed with webbed feet (See Divangaroo)
Plunderbar Really good German swag
Prambuie Liqueur for the very young
Pregneighbour Similar to Annihileighbour, but you don't blow her up
Presbyterious A church which doesn't tell you which demonimation it is
Ptarmageddon The end of the world for a Scottish game bird
Pterodactypical Just like a Cretaceous flying reptile
Pubmarine Underwater hostelry (See Scuberty)
Pyramidge A large regular pile of Egyptian insects