Saxination Preventative treatment against musical diseases

Small birds running along a road, as in a race

Scantomime Seasonal play in which actors take off most of their clothes
Scuberty Growing up under water (See Pubmarine)
Scaberdashery Shop department selling material for covering sores
Shagnostic Seabird sceptical about the existence of god
Shagony Extreme discomfort experienced by a large seabird. (What else would it be?)
Shipshod Slovenly in a maritime sort of way
Shrimpunity Barefaced cheek by a crustacean. (See Lobstinate)
Slumbrella Short sleep while protected from the rain
Smorgasborborygmus Tummy rumbling after eating Swedish food
Smugby Game played by supercilious men with oval shaped balls
Spamonella Food poisoning from eating a low-cost meat product
Sparrathon Long distance race for garden birds
Spideboard Furniture with eight legs
Splatterjack Toad that has been run over. (See Dedgehog)
Substisquirrel Replacement tree climbing animal
Sumpling A bit of dough at the bottom of your engine
Surreabral Brainly but weird